Chad Ruin (chadruin) wrote in horrorkids,
Chad Ruin

If you haven't voted yet, PLEASE, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Hey everybody, my short film, "Trash Day," is entered in the George Romero short film contest. I watched my numbers go down overnight from 87% to 50%. I was actually winning! I cannot prove it, but I recieved several messages about another contestant who has thousands of friends. I am not naming names because I cannot prove it, but based on these messages, I believe he is telling his thousands of friends to vote me down in order to win. I think he attacked me because I was the only real threat, actually winning on talent alone. This upsets me because I am playing fair. There are 10 semi-finalists chosen by the public. From those 10, George himself chooses 5 to go on his new DVD... The one who wins becomes the featured short. The damage this guy has done to me has booted me out of the top 10, making it impossible to even get the chance to be seen by George. I can handle losing a fair fight to someone who is better then me. This isn't losing to someone who is better then me though. I am getting shut out of the fight altogether by a coward who knows he will lose to me one on one! That's just WRONG!

So please, if you haven't voted yet, I NEED ALL THE VOTES I CAN GET!!!

To vote, all you have to do is click "Trash Day" above the video below. Watch the video, then click "booyah" and "add to favorites" within the video page. Only 1 vote per IP Address please. Thank you all so much and if you like the movie enough, please repost.

Trash Day

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