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Horror Kids

Your one stop shop for blood and guts.

Horror Themed Photography
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All Members , Moderated
Do you like horror movies? Does blood and gore fascinate you? Do you like taking creepy pictures?
Horror kids is a live journal community based around photography with horror themes.
This community focuses on photo shoots and the discussion of techniques used in amatuer horror photography.
Discuss make up, fake blood, lighting, costume design, photo manipulation, and anything else that has to do with horror movies.
Post pictures of any rating, but hide them under a lj cut and make sure to label if they are "work safe" or not.

Also though we like taking creepy, bloody pictures we do not condone murder, suicide or the propagation of your undead species.

This community was created by sixstepsleft and lostinbanality.
Live Journal layout designed by divert
Graphics by sixstepsleft
Original concept by lostinbanality

This community is open to everyone.